Improvers Class

Have you been coming to beginner or general classes and thinking of moving into an intermediate class?

Are you going to intermediate level classes but feel you are not understanding something?

Improvers class Thursdays 7.45

annemarie_head_170This class gives you an opportunity to build the understanding you’ll need to feel confident in an intermediate class.

You may not necessarily be working on more advanced poses in an intermediate class (although you will be working towards them), it is about being sure you have a good understanding of the Iyengar method, not only how to work with props such as how to setup for shoulderstand, but also learning more detail and understanding of the poses.

An intermediate level student is one who knows their capabilities and this improvers class is an opportunity to gain further understanding to develop that capability.

This class will bolster your confidence, and answer any queries or concerns you may have.

We always encourage regular attendees to try an intermediate class: so… don’t be scared… be excited!