Yoga Day with Edgar Nov 19

An Explorative Day of Yoga with Edgar Stringer

‘As leaves move with the wind so the mind moves with the breath’ BKS Iyengar


In Yoga the breath is the bridge between the physical body and the consciousness.
During the workshop we will focus on the breath in asana to expand our awareness to go deeper into the body and quieten the mind.
After spending October at the Institute in Pune Edgar will be delighted to share some insights from his classes with the Iyengars.


Sunday November 19th


10.30am–4.30pm including a break in the middle of day.


This day is suitable for those with at least a year of experience of Iyengar Yoga.



Concessions A limited number of concession places are available on a ‘fair-play’ basis, reserved for those who couldn’t afford to come otherwise:
cost £40.


Download booking form here: pdf or Word

Edgar Stringer

Edgar-400-full length-cutoutEdgar is a Senior level 3 teacher who started teaching yoga in Manchester in 1997.
Edgar has taught at Yogawest for many years, and currently teaches two classes for us on Friday mornings.
Edgar’s classes are focused, lively and engaging. He enjoys learning more about yoga at every opportunity and sharing his learning with students.