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Yogawest Students Abroad

One of our students, Amanda Lang, was off on a cruise last week and made the mistake of telling us before she went. So, to make sure she was doing her own practice while away, we challenged her to prove it by photo. I think we can safely say she is taking her yoga seriously. I particularly like the way she has aligned her travel mat so carefully along the decking!

Amanda starts the Yogawest Students Abroad gallery off – thanks Amanda!









We thought that it would be fun to create a photo gallery of Yogawest students in yoga poses in far flung places. So if you have any, please email them to and next time you are away, consider taking one of you in front of a familiar tourist attraction (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or the gorillas at Clifton Zoo: all promising locations!).

Yogawest telephone number

I hope I am coming to the end of a 3-week Virgin Mediocre (as they will henceforth be known when I am being polite) nightmare. I have totalled around 23 hours of phone calls to them in the last fortnight following their unilateral decision to cut off the line, rather than transfer it to us as per Gerry’s instructions when we took over at Yogawest.

All very simple you might think, they just need to switch it back on again. But no, I can’t tell you the hoops I’ve had to jump through to get the number back (and it still isn’t working properly, so I can’t here incoming calls). I won’t bore you with the details, but it involves may different Virgin operatives, many different promises of service-resumption and many broken promises. All of which means that we had no phone for the week before launch, no phone for launch week and no phone for our first 10 days of trading.

If I had known I:
a) wouldn’t have printed up thousands of leaflets with a broken phone number on them,
b) would have used another phone company that ironically could have had us up and running with the correct number on the day we moved in.

When the number is working, I won’t need to phone you and let you know… you’ll hear me whooping over the rooftops.

In the meantime you can contact us on my mobile: 07970 198944 or email us at

(frustrated of Bishopston)

Studio Makeover

Mike and his trusted band of merry men spent a week of knocking down walls, carrying fully loaded paintbrushes and sprucing up the studio ready for its inaugural launch on 10th September.

We’ve got some great photos and will load them here soon. In the meantime, come round and have a nosey: it’s looking great!

We are delighted that the building is now fully open and running a complete timetable of classes.



To celebrate the relaunch of Yogawest here in Bristol, we have created ‘his’ and ‘hers’ Yogavests. We have a limited supply. See them around.

Yogawest T-shirts

We’ve had a fun time recently designing and ordering a range of T-shirts and vests for sale in our shop. Come and have a look and we’d love to know what you think.

All our wares are 100% cotton, the T-shirts are Organic cotton and we have used local embroiderers and screen printers to help us get our first range together.