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Children’s taster class

Tuesday Dec 6th 4.15 to 5pm


An opportunity for your child to try a yoga class before committing to a 6-week course.

Children really enjoy doing yoga and it’s a lovely discipline to learn when young. It is taught in a different way from adult yoga, so we run 6-week courses after school for 2 different age groups. After the age of 14, teenagers are welcome to come with their parents to adult classes, but they may prefer to come to children’s classes up until they are 16.

You can let us know you are coming (, or just turn up!

6-week courses begin in January. More info.

There’s a lot going on at Yogawest

This Autumn has been busy so far: we’ve been adding new classes to the timetable (we now have 3 classes at school drop-off time and a new early morning class), booking in guest teachers and continuing to work on the building. The online timetable has the  up to date class info. If you know anyone wanting to start yoga, we have a Foundation Course starting on 15th November.

We now have some wonderful photos of Guruji up on the wall in Studio 1. Our lovely statue of Patanjali arrived from Pune a few weeks ago, and this week so have Jess and Melroy, back from a month of study there. We’ve just had a new bin shed built out front which also gives some extra potential for bike locking.

On the workshop front, we’ve booked Uday Bhosale from the Institute in Pune to run a series of workshops for us, and Rajiv Chanchani has confirmed he’ll be teaching at Yogawest next May – something to look forward to!

Don’t forget there’s a monthly pranayama class (1st Friday/month 8.30am) and Study Group (3rd Friday/month 6pm) – both worth putting in your diary.

Wake up with Yoga

Starting Wednesday 9th November Jess Wallwork, recently returned from studying at the RIMYI in Pune, will be teaching an early morning wake-up class at 8am for 60mins.

For all those who feel like a great stretch early in the morning, we look forward to seeing you all.

Jess also teaches a 9.15am class for 75mins on the same day to catch any later risers or those after the school run and Diana Penny will continue to teach her 10am class as usual (so three to choose from on Wednesday mornings)

Wake up to the warm welcome of Iyengar Yoga at Yogawest in Bishopston Bristol.

Yoga for Back Pain

Iyengar teachers prove yoga helps back pain

A new study has revealed that yoga is a more effective way for people with lower back pain to become more mobile than the treatments currently offered by GPs. The study, which was based on 12 specially designed classes by Iyengar yoga teachers, found that back pain sufferers recorded greater improvements in everyday physical tasks if they did weekly yoga sessions.

The study found that back pain sufferers recorded greater improvements in everyday physical tasks such as walking, bending down and getting dressed if they did weekly yoga sessions.

Participants who had practised yoga reported enhanced function compared with those receiving standard care, even nine months after the yoga classes had finished.

Previous, smaller studies have suggested yoga could be beneficial to back pain sufferers. However, these have often involved just one teacher and have not included long-term follow-up.

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