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Reduced timetable from July 23rd

Timetable Jul 23rd–Aug 12th

We are having some work done at Yogawest this summer, so we are running a reduced timetable for 3 weeks from July 23rd to start work in Studio 2. Download timetable here: Yogawest reduced timetable.

August 13th to September 2nd

the architect meets the builders to discuss plans

Yogawest closes for renovation work from August 13th and re-opens on Monday September 3rd.

Go to the timetable page.

Our Summer Plans

Plans are being drawn up for some exciting improvements at Yogawest this Summer. We will be closed for the last 3 weeks of August (Mon August 13th onwards); when we re-open in early September we will be proudly sporting a brand new ceiling in both studios.

We are also creating a separate entrance to our therapy room and from September plan to have a team of therapists here offering treatments. If you’d like to recommend a favourite practitioner, do please drop us a line.

Reduced Timetable

From July 23rd we will run a slightly reduced timetable as we prepare Studio 2 for the building work: the updated schedule will be published here and on the timetable page, but if you have any questions or want to check your class will run, please email us.

Pumpkin’s New Coat

Pumpkin the Yogawest campervan has got a beautiful new coat and we are having fun taking her out on errands around Bristol.

We are compiling a gallery of Yogawest students in yoga poses with Pumpkin: email yours to us to win a free class. And win a class for a friend too if your photo shows Pumpkin is somewhere other than at Yogawest!

Healthy Down Under

Pelvic Floor workshops June 22nd/23rd

Good pelvic floor health is very important for both men and women and yoga can help promote it.
Karen Wilde, a world-renowned physio and senior Iyengar teacher from Australia is coming to Yogawest to teach some classes and workshops on her speciality subject of pelvic floor health.
On Friday afternoon Karen will teach a workshop for teachers and experienced students (2-5pm); on Friday evening there will be a talk and demonstration which we highly recommend to anyone with a pelvic floor!
On Saturday there is a Women’s workshop in the morning (10-1) and a Men’s Class in the afternoon (2-4).

Get ready to move up

Over the last few months at Yogawest we’ve discovered that there are plenty of you who have been coming to beginner and general classes for quite some time, but don’t feel confident enough to move into an intermediate class.

Improvers Class: ’til mid July only!

Mondays 7.15–8.45pm

We are keen to encourage you to take your yoga onwards and upwards. With that in mind, Andrea is teaching a Monday evening class designed to teach you the poses you need in order to feel comfortable in an intermediate class.

This class is for you if you are an improving beginner, a regular attendee to general classes or just want to know what to expect from an intermediate class.

Taught by Andrea Ferencikova.


Pregnancy course on Tuesday morning

Tuesdays 10.30–11.45

Starts on June 12th. This runs as a 6-week course, although you can drop in to try your first class: email us to book. Once the course is confirmed, you can book for single classes (but drop-in not advised as the class may not be on).

Download June 12th course booking form YW_Preg_Tues10.30_Jun12th


Why Yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful activity to do when pregnant. It prepares your body and mind for birth, keeps you moving and is a lovely way to meet other Mums-to-be in the area. Midwives and Doulas recognise the benefits of regular yoga when pregnant and we are always delighted when they come to class themselves.

At Yogawest we have 2 antenatal classes a week: one on Tuesday morning at 10.30 taught by Bob (runs as a course), and one on Wednesday evening at 6.10pm taught by Tamara (currently drop-in).

Pregnancy classes are suitable for beginners or those already practising (you need to be 13 weeks or more). Yoga students in other classes who become pregnant can usually continue to attend their normal class well into pregnancy but should talk to their teacher and also consult their midwife or doctor.

Wednesday Evening 6.10–7.40

The Wednesday evening class is currently a drop-in class (which will change in September to 6-week courses). It’s best to talk to us first so we can confirm details, or you can just drop in (come early on your first time to register with us).

Midwives welcome!

Are you a local midwife or Doula? Would you like to visit us and see a pregnancy class in action? We’d love you to come: email us to arrange.

Courses start this Sunday June 10th!

Pranayama and Sanskrit Courses

Starting on June 10th:

• the Pranayama course, taught by Andrea Ferencikova, is designed to deepen your understanding of the major breathing techniques,

• the Sanskrit course, taught by Chaitanya Ray will further your understanding of Sanskrit pronunciation and meaning with particular relevance to the Sutras.



Pranayama Course

To deepen your yoga practice you need to be aware of the flow of prana in every asana. Breath shines light in to the deepest part of our being and helps us feel the connection within the body right through to the soul.

Explore the flow of breath through Pranayamic techniques, visualisation of breath and the medium of sound. Explore yourself deeper and find the presence of breath.

This course will help you to deepen your asana practice with the awareness of breath. It will also give you tools to establish regular pranayama practice.


Sanskrit For Sutras

Find a deeper connection with the core of your being through spiritual practice of chanting and deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy in this 6 week course focussed on Sanskrit and the Patanjali yoga sutras.

Sanskrit is considered the language of gods in Hindu tradition, and thus all the sacred scriptures and yogic texts are written in Sanskrit. The design of Sanskrit is such that the sounds perfectly express the vibrational essence of that which they describe. In this way, words establish knowledge and understanding directly.

Learn the proper articulation and experience the vibrations of Sanskrit through chanting. Also take a deeper look into the meaning of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This follows hand in hand with understanding the philosophy behind the path of yoga.

Chaitanya Ray

Chaitanya was born, lived and studied in New Delhi, India. Raised in the traditional way of life where slokas are still passed on through oral tradition from generation to generation have given him a firm foundation on his spiritual path. He studied Sanskrit as part of his formal education and continues to spend a lot of time contemplating on the scriptures and yogic philosophy. This gives him a solid understanding and insight of the yogic principles which comes across clearly when he talks about the subject.

Chaitanya has a light but enlightening way of sharing his knowledge. His approach is patient and compassionate, to open up the subject for all who are interested to explore yoga with Sanskrit.

Cost: £51 per course (or £78 if booking both courses).
A couple of concessionary places may be available: email to ask.

Download booking form here YW_Pran&Sansk_Course