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Yoga Day with Edgar Oct 25


Alignment and stability in asana and pranayama


A day with Edgar looking at how the understanding of the introductory asanas provides the key to a clear pranayama practice.

In the morning session we will work on important actions to prepare the body for pranayama and look at the functions of breath in asana. 

After the break we will relax and focus the mind in supine poses to refine the techniques of Ujjayi and Viloma in Savasana and seated. 
The workshop will be mostly introductory level asanas and will include inverted poses Sirsasana and Sarvangasana. (If inversions cannot be practised some alternative poses can be done.)




Sunday October 25


10.30am–4.30pm including a break in the middle of day.


This day is suitable for those with at least a year of experience of Iyengar Yoga.



Concessions A limited number of concession places are available on a ‘fair-play’ basis, reserved for those who couldn’t afford to come otherwise:
cost £40.

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Taster Sessions

yogawest_evening_006We have some taster sessions coming up for new courses and classes.

Baby Massage 15th Oct read more here

Postnatal Yoga 19th Oct read more here

Movement & Dance 20th Oct and the 3rd Nov read more here

New rope stations!

SONY DSCThe builders are in Yogawest again this week: this time putting up some new rope stations in both studios.

After much consultation and discussion, Mike, Jon and our favourite glam rock builders have selected the locations and best formats for the new sets. We hope they will be up and running by next week.

And if you look closely at the top right of the picture you’ll be able to spot two steel ropes hanging from the ceiling which are ready to support some new hanging swings. We are trialling the system at the moment, ready for use in time for the upcoming workshops (Edgar Oct 25 and Indira&Diana Nov 15) and Autumn classes.