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Christmas Timetable 2016

Opening Times over the Festive Season

Cxmastreepose-150x150lasses are running every day throughout the holiday period at Yogawest, except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Download the Christmas reduced timetable here

The full Yogawest timetable resumes on Tuesday January 3rd 2017.

Which classes are running?

Many of our usual classes are still running over the festive period, but as teachers are fewer on the ground, some classes are not on. To make things simpler, and to include everyone in our plans, many of the class are billed as general level – this means that ALL are welcome, whatever your experience or ability and the teacher will adapt the class accordingly.

Lizzie’s popular 2-hour class on Thursday morning is open to all levels of students and although it’s usually a ladies class, men are welcome and encouraged (especially if they wear pink) during the reduced timetable period. It is taught at intermediate level, but beginners are very welcome to come and see what an intermediate class involves – Lizzie/Zoë will look after you!

The Friday morning experienced class on December 23rd is being taught by Bob and is open to intermediate level students: a good way to try this class out!

On December 30th Edgar and Lydia are teaching a special holiday ‘Back to the Mat’ Yoga Day – all welcome and encouraged to restore and revitalise your yoga practice after Christmas, and prepare for the New Year in yoga style. Full details here.

Who is teaching?

Some of our usual teachers are taking a well-earned break over Christmas, and recharging their batteries for the New Year. Most classes are being taught by Yogawest teachers, and they are joined by Melroy Mukwaya who covers classes for us when she can.

Timetable for your fridge

Download the 2016 Christmas timetable here or pick up a copy at reception.

North Bristol Arts Trail 2016

SONY DSCWe are hosting 5 artist on the North Bristol Arts Trail 2016 on Nov 26-27.

Studio 2 will be open between 10am – 6pm over the weekend. Entry is free and we hope you can join us.


The artists:

Linda Brogan – Ceramics, drawing, painting
Simon Farrell – Photography
Denise Lonsdale – Clay sculpture and enamels
Simon Mellican – Thrown stoneware ceramics
Sue Pickering – Mixed media, paintings and jewellery



Christmas Gifts from Yogawest


Christmas Gift Cards

We are offering 10% off Foundation Courses or a Yogacard-6 (6 yoga classes) when buying them as a gift this December.

Call us on 0117 924 3330 to purchase (or drop in to reception).

What are those belts for?

Yogawest belts

We have a range of belts in the studios at Yogawest, and they are used for different purposes in a yoga class, for example extending your arms so you can reach faraway feet, or releasing stiff shoulders.

The range

Natural the original ‘Pune’ belt used for most things.

Orange a wider, longer belt, preferred by some for e.g. bound poses.

Purple a very long belt for occasional use (and for very tall students!).

Pink a very short belt for specialist use.

How do belts work?

All buckle up the same way, and sadly we’ve been finding that a lot are being damaged because they’ve been buckled up incorrectly. We have had to decommission over 35 orange belts this year because they are too frayed to use.

SONY DSCThere’s an ‘open’ side and a ‘closed’ side to the buckle bar, and when it’s done up, the ‘open’ side must be underneath, otherwise the belt frays when it is being unlooped. Please ask your teacher to show you how to buckle the belts up if you are not sure.

SONY DSCGood Buckling!


SONY DSCBad Buckling!


Belts should be undone before putting them away neatly, all ready for the next student.

This article is another in our series of ‘And What Are Those For?’. If there’s a prop you’d like to find out more about, ask us!