Amber Rose

amber-full-resAmber has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2006 and has shared the practice through teaching since 2009. Initially attracted to the aliveness, the strength and the ease that yoga created in her body, it’s yoga’s wider teachings that continue to ground her commitment to the practice. It is the framework she uses to engage in the ever-evolving balance of living well with ourselves and with others.

Amber’s offerings are inspired by but not restricted a traditional yoga practice. She has a light-hearted and inclusive approach, actively encouraging a space where each body can find its own ease, rhythm, truth. Amber has taught with Refugee Women of Bristol, in old people’s homes, cyclists, city-kids, with children, families and she hopes…you!

Amber teaches two teenager class on Thursdays at 4.15>5.05 and 5.10>6pm