Claire Redwood

Claire has been practising yoga for over fifteen years and trained to be a teacher with Lynda Purvis and Gerry Chambers at Yogawest. She was born in Suffolk and has been living in Bristol for over 15 years.

Claire likes variety in her teaching: she enjoys the spontaneity and honesty of children and the irrepressible enthusiasm of adults beginning their exploration of yoga. She enjoys the detail and the depth of teaching that teachers can give to more experienced practitioners. Claire loves teaching more restorative classes which energise and reboot our systems and can help to access a deep sense of peace.

Claire is an artist, combining printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. Her experience as an artist informs her practice as a yoga teacher. She believes the meditative quality of creating art is comparable to the serenity of yoga. As a mother of two children family life is busy. Claire enjoys walking, cycling, growing vegetables, music and opera and exploring her own yoga practice.

Claire teaches on Thursdays at 9.15>10.45 (General)