Jacob Rihosek

Originally from the Czech Republic, Jacob has lived in Bristol for more than 14 years. He has practised Iyengar yoga at Yogawest for over 8 years and trained with Gerry Chambers and Lynda Purvis. In 2008  he qualified as an Introductory level teacher and has been teaching a regular beginners class at the Centre since. Jacob has also trained with Iyengar teachers in India, including a stay at BKS Iyengarʼs Institute in Pune. Jacob first learned about yoga as a child from his grandmother who is 86 and still practices daily.

When not at Yogawest, Jacob works as a child care worker with Bristol City Council. He enjoys archery, riding on a motorcycle somewhere out of town, camping and studying yoga texts.

Jacob teaches at Yogawest on Tuesday evenings: 6.15>7.45pm (General) and 8>9.30pm (Intermediate).