Zoë Reason

ZoeReason_170x170Zoë Reason has been practising yoga since her twenties. She is now a dedicated and committed practitioner – but she hasn’t always been: although she always loved yoga, it took a long time for her to take it seriously. She finally really got that yoga is a discipline and made it part of her life when she went on her first yoga holiday in 1995.

Zoë began teaching in 2004. Her main teachers are Rajiv & Swati Chanchani and she has spent several extended study trips with them, assisting in their yoga centre in the Himalayas. She is absurdly grateful for the gifts that yoga has given her and the places to which it has taken her. Zoë hopes that she passes on what has been so very generously given to her by her teachers.

Zoë Reason teaches at Yogawest on Friday evenings: 17.00>18.15pm (Beginners) and Sunday evenings: 18.00>19.30pm (General).