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Here are some of the comments we have received from regular students. We’d love to hear what you think: please email us your feedback.
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SONY DSCI started Iyengar yoga two years ago when I was seventy-four, and I soon found it improved my posture and the strength and flexibility of my spine, as well as giving me an increased feeling of well-being.
Christopher Adams
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We wanted to let you know that Kat had a little girl called Tula on 11th December and I had a boy on 18th December. He’s called Arlo.

Thanks to Tamara for the great yoga classes – we both found them incredibly helpful and really enjoyed them. Thank you also for your help with shifting Arlo into a good position. All the twists and hanging upside down obviously helped as labour was really simple. Thank you!

Fran and Arlo & Kat and Tula

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Thank you to YogaWest for hosting the PD day. It feels a welcoming and inclusive yoga space.
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Before the new year is any older I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Friday morning classes last term. I find Edgar’s teaching to be stimulating though deceptively gentle and full of insight, he also has a very nice sense of humour.
I’m looking forward to seeing you on the 10th and wish you a happy new year
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I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Diana for a fantastic Yoga class this morning. It’s been a busy few months getting married and teaching throughout the Autumn term and so I haven’t been able to make a class in a while. This morning was just what I needed; calm and peaceful and just the right amount of challenge. We also did 3 of my favourite asanas which was the cherry on top! Thank you for being brilliant! 🙂
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Edgar is an inspiring teacher with a calming, yet at the same time, energising presence. He moved the class at a pace that enabled me to fully absorb his very detailed description and direction, and I felt I was able to focus and become more intune with myself and the yoga I was practicing. I was able to let go of my busy,  stressful week and I left the class feeling warm and peaceful. Thank you Edgar!
Tori Purrett
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Could you please pass on to Tamara that baby Ruairí arrived safe and sound. I had been attending her antenatal yoga classes for most of my pregnancy and found them really great – they were one place and time when I forgot I was pregnant (in a good way) and was able to create a feeling of space in my body for a few hours.
Please pass on my best to Tamara, and my gratitude for a great class. I only wish she did postnatal classes as well!
Ciara Molloy
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Dear Diana,

Many, many thanks for inviting Bobby to teach us at Yogawest.  She was BRILLIANT – I would say I am her biggest fan but I think that maybe you are!!
Please can we beg her to return for a full weekend on Menopause Yoga – I have women quite literally crying on me for more details.
Lots of love to you
and thanks for all your hard work
All the best


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I love Yogawest, it’s like a little sanctuary amongst the hustle and bustle of Bristol.
My favourite teachers are Diana and Andrea. Both are fantastic at creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere with just enough demonstration and talk to understand the poses. They are also both extremely patient and warm.
I love the peaceful and relaxed studio. The equipment is of high quality and in good condition to use.
My fiancee and I also enjoyed a lovely complimentary herbal tea on the patio outside on a rare sunny day; lovely hospitality!
My only wish is that there might be some general Yoga sessions on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. As I have a busy job with early mornings in the week, I enjoy a good lie-in at the weekend so sometimes have to choose between Yoga or a lie-in. I would love to be able to do both :).
Keep up the brilliant and wonderful work 🙂 
Yogawest_Logo_small for webI LOVE it!!! You have transformed the place from a cold hall into a warm and inviting yoga hub!! When i walk up the path it feels like I’m returning to my spiritual home! (I know i can be dramatic but I’m not exaggerating, it really does feel like that!)

The colour and pictures on the walls and the smiley faces and the chit chat before classes have transformed the dynamic of the whole building, which in turn has changed how the students behave. Not being a shy person (!), I found it quite hard when i first came to Yogawest that no one really spoke to each other, apart from the odd whisper. Now there is the perfect balance of friendly chatter and peaceful calm.

If i lived closer i would come every day!!

 I tell everyone how amazing it is too!

Although i am a realist, and there is always room for improvement …….. HOT-TUB! HOT-TUB! HOT-TUB!! 

Love Naomi

Yogawest_Logo_small for webYogawest is a very special place and it has an infectiously friendly atmosphere. The teaching is second to none. 


Yogawest_Logo_small for webI love Yogawest. It is my favourite place to be next to home. Thank you


Yogawest_Logo_small for webA brilliant find! A real help in my daily life and has been a brilliant medicine to depression/anxiety in the aversia of taking prescriptions.


Yogawest_Logo_small for webIf I had a zip wire from my home to Yogawest, the world would be a better place.


Yogawest_Logo_small for webFab teaching, great atmosphere and a wonderfully equipped yoga studio. All the best ingredients combined to produce an enriching experience.


Yogawest_Logo_small for webI would recommend the centre to anyone and everyone. Consistently very high standard of teaching. Friendly and warm environment. Couldn’t live without it! Thank you Diana & Mike.


Yogawest_Logo_small for webMY LITTLE OASIS. The place I can escape to and enjoy some “me time”. What a beautiful location and the best teachers. So lucky to have found it!


Yogawest_Logo_small for webI have seen Yogawest transform into a place of beauty, excellence and warm hearted wholeness. The feeling of community spirit is here and after 18 years I am  still as in love with it as  I ever was <3


Yogawest_Logo_small for webWhat keeps me coming is the freedom to fit class around my life, the mix of excellent teachers and variety of classes. I am always learning  something new.


Yogawest_Logo_small for webThe stresses and strains of the week melt away within one class. Highly recommended!


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