Fully equipped Yoga studio

At Yogawest, just off the Gloucester Road in Bishopston, Bristol, we can supply all the equipment required for your Iyengar yoga class. Some people prefer to bring their own mat to class, however we do have full supplies of mats, blocks, blankets, bricks, chairs and belts for your use while in the studio.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks enhance your practice by stabilising, supporting  and aligning the body. Sitting on blocks will help to raise your hips for a straighter spine, or you can put four together for a classic shoulder stand support.

Yoga Mats

At Yogawest our sticky yoga mats will wear in to develop excellent grip to counter-act sliding, and provide soft cushioning to keep knees and bottoms comfy!

Yoga belts

Ours are strong and practical with extra width and made of 100% cotton for safe grip without hurting your hands. We’ve chosen ones that are easy to thread through the robust metal buckle.

Yoga blankets

Blankets are for sitting on or supporting you in your practice, or just for keeping warm.