Quieter Classes

Prefer fewer people? Try our quieter classes…

Some of our classes are very popular, and get quite busy. This makes for a great atmosphere in class: our studios are big enough to still have plenty of room and many Yogawest regulars enjoy larger classes.

However, there are some classes on the timetable that are smaller which suit some students better, especially if you’d like more personal attention.

If you’d like to find a quieter class, current options are listed below. Some are termtime classes, so be sure to check the online timetable to check the class is running before you come.

11.15–12.30 Beginner course with Sue (booking info here)

7.00–8.00 Early Morning with Jess (termtime+, check dates here)
9.15–10.30 Beginners with Jess (termtime, check dates here)

9.15–10.30 Beginners with Katy (termtime, check dates here)
17.00–18.30 General with Lydia

11.00–12.15 Beginners with Jess (termtime, check dates here)

12.15–13.45 General with Edgar
16.30–17.45 Beginners with Joanna (termtime, check dates here)

09.45–11.00 Beginners course with Ellen (booking info here)
18.00–19.30 General