Yoga improves balance

Article from June 2011


Stroke patients could enjoy improved balance and endurance through yoga, according to the results of a new study. Twenty stroke patients with an average age of 66 partook in twice-weekly yoga sessions for eight weeks as part of the Indiana University research. Their balance was found to improve on both the Berg Balance Scale and the Fullerton Advance Balance Scale, by 17 per cent and 34 per cent respectively.

Furthermore, participant’s confidence levels about their balance were also seen to rise significantly. Lead researcher Arlene A Schmid explained: “They enjoyed it so much partly because they weren’t getting any other treatment. They had already completed their rehabilitation but felt there still was room for improvement.”

This follows news that patients at a high risk of stroke are the least likely to adhere to treatment with statins. According to investigators at North Carolina State University, just 48 per cent of patients who were prescribed statins were taking the medication consistently.

Written by Angela Newbury