Teacher Training at Yogawest

Teacher Training

Iyengar teacher training is changing and we are currently unable to offer a course starting in 2018. As soon as we know what the changes mean, we will update this page.

In the meantime, if you are interested in training to be an Iyengar teacher at Yogawest, please email Jon and ask him to put your name on the list.

Upcoming Training Dates (for Year 2 trainees)

Extra Session 25 January, Friday 4.30-7.30 (extra charge £40: book your place)
Weekend 9 January 26, 27  Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm

Extra Session 5 April, Friday 4.30-7.30 (extra charge £40: book your place
Weekend 10 April 6, 7 Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm

Edgar and Lydia lead the training from Autumn 2018.

More Information

Information from the IY(UK) about training courses here and assessments here


Jon Hicks (administrator)  accounts@yogawest.co.uk

Diana Penny (any other questions and any help needed) diana@yogawest.co.uk

Edgar Stringer (shadowing Sheila) edgarstringer@gmail.com

Lydia Holmes (shadowing Sheila)  lydia@yogatree.co.uk

Reading List

All trainees will be expected to have access to Light on YogaLight on PranayamaLight on the Yoga SutrasLight on Life, Yoga A Gem for Women, some anatomy books or articles, as well as the two course books.

NB the Guidelines for Teachers comes from India and will be handed out later in the course. If you’d like to reserve a copy of this, let us know, as we will only place 1 order per year.

Books Yogawest can order for you:

Preliminary Course Book £10 ESSENTIAL!

Guidelines for teachers £10 (will be distributed later)  ESSENTIAL!

Light on Yoga £19  ESSENTIAL!

Light on Pranayama £10 RECOMMENDED

Yoga A Gem for Women £13 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Light on the Yoga Sutras £15  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Yoga the Path to Holistic Health  £25  NICE TO HAVE

Core of the Yoga Sutras £15

Light on Ashtanga Yoga  £11  RECOMMENDED

Note: some of these books pop up on the shelves of charity shops from time to time: it’s always worth a look!

First Aid

An external qualification will need to be obtained at an additional cost. Courses run regularly at Yogawest and will be listed here as soon as they are in the diary.

Class Observation

This can be carried out at Yogawest in Year 2 with advance agreement with the teacher and Diana (max one class per week).

Teacher Training future courses

Significant changes are being made to the training of Iyengar Yoga Teachers and as soon as we have details we will publish them, for now if would like to register your interest contact Jon.

Training Dates 2016–19 for info

Weekend 1: Sept 23,24,25  Friday 4.30 – 7.30pm; Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 2: Oct 22, 23 Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 3: Feb 18, 19 Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 4: Mar 24, 25, 26 Fri 4.30–7.30, Sat 9.00–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 5/1*: July 1, 2 Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 6/2*: Sept 29, 30, Oct 1 Fri 4.30–7.30, Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 7/3*: Nov 25, 26 Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 8/4*Jan 27, 28 Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 9/5*Mar 2, 3, 4 Fri 4.30–7.30, Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Extra workshops: Sharpen Your Practice: Mar 25 and Apr 15  2–5pm, (NB not included in your fees and does not count towards training hours)
Weekend 10/6*May 11, 12, 13 Fri 4.30–7.30, Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Weekend 7Jun 29, 30, Jul 1 Fri 4.30–7.30, Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Extra Session Nov 23 Friday 4.30–7.30
Weekend 8:  Nov 24, 25  Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Extra Session Jan 25 Friday 4.30–7.30
Weekend 9January 26, 27  Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm
Extra Session April 5  Friday 4.30–7.30
Weekend 10April 6, 7 Sat 11.15–6.45pm; Sun 9.30–5pm