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Eye bags and covers

How do I use eye bags?

yogawest_eyebags+covers_5842_260There’s a basket full of eye bags and spare covers at Yogawest.

Some people like to cover their eyes during Savasana and other quiet poses. An eye bag (or a bandage if you know how to use them) can help to quieten the eyes and therefore quieten a busy mind.

Lay them gently and evenly across the closed eyes.

We have some specially made loose covers which are for you if you have a cold. If you use a loose cover, please take it off afterwards and give it to reception so it can be washed. That way we know the loose covers in the basket are all clean!

This article is the first inĀ our new series of ‘And What Are Those For?’. If there’s a prop you’d like to find out more about, ask us!