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Many people travel from abroad to come to our events, arriving by train or to Bristol airport, and stay at a local b&b (and some of our students kindly offer low cost b&b to visitors) – find out more.

Upcoming Events

12 Jan Junior Intermediate workshop
20 Jan First Aid Training
24 Feb–3 Mar Yoga Holiday in Goa SOLD OUT
10 Mar Sharpen Your Practice workshop
24 Mar
Improvers 2-hour workshop
26–28 Apr 
Bobby Clennell event, SAVE THE DATE, details to be announced in January
18, 19 May Firooza Ali event, SAVE THE DATE, details to be announced

Previous Events

Previous events are listed below with links to photos where we have them:

17 Nov Junior Intermediate workshop
6 Oct Yoga Day with Indira & Diana
16-23 Sep Yoga Holiday (Women’s week) in Turkey
9 Sep First Aid Training
8 Sep Yoga Day with Bob Phillips
14 Jul Annette Blühdorn
May 27 Yoga Holiday in Turkey
Apr 15  Sharpen Your Practice workshop 2 with Edgar
Mar 25 Sharpen Your Practice workshop 1 with Lydia
Mar 24 Yoga Day with Bob Phillips
Jan 11-15 Sutra/philosophy course Module 3
Feb 10 First Aid training day

Dec 9–10 Marios Argiros weekend
Dec 3 Therapeutic Lower Back Care and Pranayama course
Nov 19 Yoga Day with Edgar
Nov 12 Therapeutic Lower Back Care and Pranayama course
Oct 21 Dynamic Yoga Day with Sam
Oct 8 Therapeutic Lower Back Care and Pranayama course
Sep 17 Therapeutic Lower Back Care and Pranayama course
Sep 10 First Aid training course
Jul 9 Yoga day with Indira and Diana
May 5–7 Bobby Clennell weekend
Apr 14 Easter workshop with Edgar and Lydia
Apr 5–10  Sutra and Philosophy Course Module 2 with Sheila Haswell & Gitte Bechsgaard
Mar 4-5  Margaret Austin weekend
Feb 4 ‘Spring into Spring’ afternoon workshop with Lizzie Biggin
Jan 15 Edgar Stringer & Lydia Holmes Yoga Day


Dec 30 Edgar Stringer & Lydia Holmes Yoga Day
Dec 10-11 Marios Argiros weekend
Dec 3 Five year celebration party
Nov 13  Chakra workshop #5 Edgar Stringer
Nov 6 Autumn Yoga Day with Indira & Diana
Sep 18  Chakra workshop #4 Edgar Stringer
Aug 25–29  Sutra and Philosophy Course Module 1 with Sheila Haswell & Gitte Bechsgaard
June 5  Chakra workshop #3 Edgar Stringer
May 14 First Aid Course
May 6  Sheila Haswell Workshop
Apr 30–May 1 Uday Bhosale weekend
Apr 17 Chakra workshop #2 Edgar Stringer
Apr 10 Diana & Indira Spring yoga day
Mar 6 Chakra workshop #1 Edgar Stringer

Dec 12,13  Marios Argiros weekend
Nov 15 Autumn Yoga Day, Indira Lopez-Bassols & Diana Penny
Oct 25 Edgar Stringer 
Sep 5, 6  Swati Chanchani
Aug 2015 Uday Bhosale
July 2015 Firooza Ali (AIYI event)
June 2015 Uday Bhosale
May 2015 Bobby Clennell
April 2015 Sheila Haswell
Mar 2015 Jose Maria Vigar
Mar 2015 Lizzie Biggin: International Women’s Day
Feb 2015 Edgar Stringer

Dec 2014 Marios Argiros
Oct 2014 Devki Desai
Sep 2014 Autumn Yoga Day with Indira Lopez-Bassols & Diana Penny
Aug 2014 Rajiv Chanchani
Jun 2014 Yoga Sutras workshop with Gitte Bechsgaard & Sheila Haswell
May 2014 Firooza Ali (AIYI event)
April 2014 Edgar Stringer Easter Intensive

December 2013 Indira Lopez-Bassols & Diana Penny
December 2013 Thai Massage with Lisette Hoffmans
November 2013 Lizzie Biggin & Karen Dunne
November 2013 Firooza Ali, an AIYI event
August 2013 Rajiv Chanchani
June 2013 José María Vigar
May 2013 Bobby Clennell
January 2013 Margaret Austin

December 2012 Gerry Chambers & Lynda Purvis
November 2012 Cathy Rogers Evans
September 2012 Sheila Haswell
June 2012 Karen Wilde
May 2012 Rajiv Chanchani
April 2012 Lynda Purvis & Gerry Chambers
March 2012 Uday Bhosale
March 2012 Cathy Rogers Evans
February 2012 Uday Bhosale

December  2011 Uday Bhosale
November 2011 Uday Bhosale