Photo Gallery

Yogawest-teenager-4741You will find images of anything Yogawest in these pages.

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Event Photos

Firooza at YogawestIt’s often useful to be able to look back at photos from a workshop in order to remind you of some of the things we explored. We have a lovely library of event photos – see the list on the left. This one is from Firooza’s weekend in June 2014.



Yogawest Babies


Beatrix Emmie and her big sister Oriana

We also have a gallery of Yogawest Babies: it’s always wonderful to meet the face behind the bump! Please email us your baby pictures for the gallery.  Here is one of our newest arrivals, gorgeous Beatrix Emmie, daughter of Marian who is a regular to Yogawest; we look forward to bumping into you on the Gloucester Road soon!





Yogawesties Abroad

LouWe have a growing gallery of Yogawest students abroad which we would love your contributions for! Here is Lou Skinner on one of her famous ‘Sirsasana in unusual places’ photos.




yogwest_teen_pumpkin4727We collect photos of students in yoga poses with Pumpkin our campervan: email yours to win a free class! Click here for more details.