Yogawesties Abroad

Welcome to our gallery of Yogawest students doing yoga poses in far-flung (or quite near) places.

Amanda started the ball rolling when she went on a cruise and emailed us to let us know she’d kept up with her practice while away. Helen was away for months and kept us up to date with photos. Lizzie went to Prague and sent us her picture postcards: even though she is wearing so many clothes, we still know it’s her! And then she had an adventure in Spain involving a ship blown off course, too much rain and a missing partner. And our first South American entry came from Deb in Venezuela last summer. Linda went to Senegal, marking our African first.

Please send us your yoga pics from your next trip: email your photos to and we’ll add them to the gallery. Pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or Weston Pier in the background will get higher bonus points!