Yogawest Babies

Tamara teaches the antenatal class on a Wednesday evening and we all enjoy watching the tummies grow over the weeks. Please do send us your baby photos: it’s very exciting to see who’s been inside during all those classes!

Email your baby photo here.

Here’s a wonderful birth story from Katcha:
I gave birth the morning of Tuesday 23rd July after a wonderful sleep through most of my labour and a magnificent thunderstorm (which I was quite disappointed to have missed!).
I woke up in the morning and watched a bit of a video of Michel Odent and then had another nap for an hour. Then I had a great few heaves of pain, got in the bath and then the baby slipped out without pushing! A blissful birth. No midwife, just me and my partner Ben.
Yoga, swimming, cycling till the very last day!
Positive thinking and faith in myself.
A man I truly love and trust.
Strength and faith from all my wonderful friends.
That’s what it took!

Here are some Yogawest babies: