Karen Wilde June 2012

Karen Wilde taught a series of workshops for Yogawest focussing on good pelvic health. On the Friday she taught teachers and experienced students, followed by a talk in the evening, then on Saturday there was a women’s health workshop in the morning, followed by a men’s class in the evening.

Karen would love to know what went well, which poses you felt were particularly useful and how she could improve the workshops next time. She has kindly given us permission to publish the practice sheets below for your use, and you can also find the feedback sheet here if you feel inclined to let her know what you thought.

Here are the pics:

And here are the practice sheets and the feedback form:

Karen Wilde workshop feedback


Backbend poses page 4

Backbend Poses

Twisting Poses

Strengthening Poses

Standing Poses

Standing Poses page 2


Sitting Poses & Backbend poses