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Getting to Yogawest

Coming to Bristol

YOGAWEST_059Many people travel from far and wide to come to to workshops and classes at Yogawest, and it’s remarkably easy to get here from:

Wales just across the bridge!
Somerset, Devon and Cornwall just up the road
London 90 mins from Paddington
Scotland, Newcastle, Amsterdam, Malaga, Rome, Marseilles, France, Spain, Italy and rest of Europe (Easyjet and Ryanair to Bristol Airport)

There are some brilliant and low cost AirBnbs really close to us.
We also have a list of generous Yogawest students who open their spare rooms to visiting yogis for a low cost – ask us for the list once you’ve booked your place.

Find out more about getting to Yogawest here

Yogawest Newsletter

yogawestnewsletterMay16Keep up to date with upcoming events at Yogawest by subscribing to our monthly newsletter where we publish news of teachers booked as soon as we know.
If you’re not getting your newsletter and you use googlemail, please check your ‘social’ or ‘promotion’ folder which is where gmail likes to store them – you can change that in settings.

b&b for Yogawest workshops

Can you offer a bed to a visitor to Yogawest?

b&bWhen we run workshops we provide a list of Yogawest students and friends who might be able to put up visitors travelling to us from far away. This is an informal b&b arrangement and we suggest a fee of £25-£30/night to cover costs.

Our list has diminished recently as circumstances have changed, and we’d like to populate it with some more suggestions of people who might be able to offer a bed.

If you live near Yogawest and can offer a bed, please let us know your contact details and we’ll add you to the list.

Many thanks!