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Valuables in the Studio

What are those for?

IMAG0297There’s a bespoke bit of furniture for valuables in Studio 1. This is designed to take small valuables such as keys and mobile phones.

Please leave large bags and coats in the changing rooms or on the coat hooks in the unisex area of the foyer – everything must be contained within the rack please as we use the areas around it for yoga!

If your class is in Studio 2, valuables can be stored on the shelves above the chairs.

Mobile Phones

If you bring your phone into the studio, please do remember to switch it fully off or to airplane mode to ensure it does not bother you and others during the class. We ask that phones are completely turned off  – not just to silent or vibrate – so that the studio environment is pure and not polluted by invading mobile signals: we get enough of those everywhere else!

This article is another in our series of ‘And What Are Those For?’. If there’s a prop you’d like to find out more about, ask us!