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New bike stands fitted

new bike standsSome extra bike stands have been added this week at Yogawest.

These offer some cover when the weather is wet and extends the number of bikes we can handle.

Parking Scheme

642968_do_not_parkWe are concerned about the impact of the parking scheme being introduced throughout Bristol.

Of course, most Yogawest students arrive by foot or bicycle, which is great if you’re local, but many of our students travel a long way to get to us. They usually park nearby for short times and often also support the wonderful Gloucester Road shops while they are here. We think a parking scheme would jeopardise this and believe it’s entirely unnecessary in this area. Bus prices are steep and public transport is challenging in Bristol, so until that changes many people really have no alternative.

Independent businesses are struggling in Bristol in these challenging times and we need all the help we can get from the council.

Having experienced parking schemes creeping into London over a number of years, our experience is that it adds major stress and inconvenience: there’s a culture of parking wardens, signs, constant clock watching and anxiety about getting a fine – not very Bristol and certainly not very yogic.

As residents we like visitors coming to tea, and having to pay for parking or worry about vouchers and permits is a real deterrent.

If you have a view, please sign this Bristol council petition.