Parent & Teenager yoga

Come to yoga with your Mum or Your Son (or your Uncle or Neighbour)…

SONY DSCWe think multi-generational yoga is a great way of sharing some time together and can be of tremendous benefit to all. Many people have asked us about classes suitable for parents/guardians and their children to attend together.



Suitable classes for teenagers

Yogawest runs specialist child and teenager classes which your child may want to come to. If the times don’t suit, or they want to do an extra class, or just come with a parent, then that’s also possible.

Be aware that adult classes are aimed at adults, teenagers (14+) can come and try an adult class, but may find it too long (or too slow!). So, we suggest you come and along and try a class and see how it works.

The classes we’d recommend as being particularly suitable are:

Thursday 5–6.30pm with Zoë H (general class)

Friday 4.30–5.45pm with Joanna(beginners class)

Saturday 4–5.15pm with Luhia
 (beginners class)

Sunday 6–7.30pm with Zoe R (general class)

Teenagers who are already attending the teenager/young adults class can come on their own with permission from the teacher, but on the whole, those under 16 should be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

If you have any questions, please ask