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Full Timetable from 1st September

The Autumn timetable at Yogawest

The updated full timetable begins on Saturday 1st September and is published here

NB Some termtime and courses start later: check termtime classes dates and course dates

There are some additions and updates this Autumn, with highlights as follows:

Lydia’s Wednesday evening classes

Lydia has extended her Intermediate class on Wednesday evening to 2-hours, which means that her General class starts at the new time of 5pm, and the Intermediate class runs from 6.45–8.45pm.

And a heads up for fans of Lydia: we will be announcing some Junior Intermediate workshop days shortly!

NEW beginner courses

These courses are for those who like to come to the same class every week; you will be guided through a series of classes over several weeks focusing on the introductory syllabus poses. Suitable for new or long term beginner level students, including those who have completed a foundation course and those who are returning to yoga after a break. More info here

1:1 classes

Yogawest offers one-to-one classes for people who want a little more attention, perhaps because of a particular injury, or those who are unable to attend group classes. Classes are by arrangement, and are usually an hour long. More info here

Improvers class: prepare for Intermediate classes

This class, on Thursday evenings is taught by Annemarie. For those who have been going to beginner or general classes and want to build confidence and levels of understanding and maturity in asanas before attending intermediate classes.
It’s a safe place to ask, try and experiment. More info here

Friday evening Beginner Class, NEW time 4.30pm

Joanna’s Friday beginner class is now scheduled at 4.30pm on Friday: a great choice for those coming after a school day, and particularly suitable for parents and teenagers to attend together.

Early Morning class now drop-in!

The early morning class runs during termtimes, plus some reduced timetable periods and is a one hour general level class (suitable for all), taught by Jess Wallwork in term times and by others during holidays.

Designed to help you start your working day well, this class is now running year-round and is a drop-in class so you can use your Yogacard. More info and dates listed here

Quieter Classes Available

Autumn is a busy time at Yogawest and some classes can get quite full: this makes for a great atmosphere – seasoned yoga practitioners usually enjoy busy classes. However, some people prefer quieter classes and we regularly update our list of current quiet classes here

Parent/teenager yoga

Come to yoga with your Mum or Your Son!

SONY DSCWe think multi-generational yoga is a great way of sharing some time together and can be of tremendous benefit to all. Many people have asked us about classes suitable for parents/guardians and their children to attend together.

Of course Yogawest runs specialist child and teenager classes which your child may want to come to. If the times don’t suit, or they want to do an extra class, or just come with a parent, then that’s also possible.

Be aware that adult classes are aimed at adults, teenagers (12+) can come and try an adult class, but may find it too long (or too slow!). So, we suggest you come and along and try a class and see how it works.

The classes we’d recommend as being particularly suitable are:

Thursday 5–6.30pm with Sam (general class)

Saturday 9.30–11am with Annemarie (beginners class)

Monday 6.45–8.15pm with Frances (general class)

Teenagers who are already attending the teenager/young adults class can come on their own with permission from the teacher, but on the whole, those under 16 should be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

If you have any questions, please ask


Teenage boys class

Boys need Yoga!

SONY DSCWe’d love to set up a class suitable for teenage boys. Our popular teenager class is very girl-dominant and we think more boys may come if there is a class with more boys in it.

Teenagers tend to get very stiff in their joints and muscles and due to various lifestyle habits (sport, gaming and of course school-stress), can find it difficult to undo tension and body stress. Regular yoga practice can help to teach and encourage greater body awareness, flexibility and focus.

Many sporting celebrities (Ryan Giggs for example) have used Iyengar yoga to support their career in Rugby, Football and Cricket to name but 3 sports.

This class is likely to run on a Friday at 4.30 and be taught by Diana. We expect to promote it to secondary school age boys, but allow girls to attend so long as they don’t outnumber the boys!

SONY DSCWe will need a group of 5 or 6 to get it off the ground, so if you can get a few boys together, great!

It would be good to start this after Easter 2016…

What do you think? Let Jon know if you are interested.