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Teen Yoga Courses

Teen Yoga Courses (11–16s)

We have three Teen Yoga courses running every school term.


These classes are very popular and pre-booking is required to secure your place. Newcomers can book to try out a class, and if they like it they can sign up for the remainder of the course.

Monday 4.15 – 5pm with Diana
Thursday 4.15 – 5.05pm with Amber
Thursday 5.10 – 6pm with Amber

Dates for January now available – BOOK NOW

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Family Class


Family Class

We love teaching multi-generational classes, and children enjoy sharing activities with their parents. This is a 45-minute class for the whole family, a chance to stretch, experiment and have some fun.

To Book email us (or call 0117 924 3330) to book and pay for your places.

Dates for January and beyond now ready

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Children’s Yoga Classes at Yogawest

Children’s Yoga

Rosenwyn_tree-pose-lrJocasta Crofts teaches two Children’s Yoga classes at Yogawest on Tuesdays: beginners start in the 4.15pm class (Level 1), and those with more experience come to the 5pm (Level 2) class.

Level 1, Yoga for 6 – 11s

Tuesdays 4.15 til 5pm

This is a beginner class which offers a fun introduction to yoga. Combining storytelling, yoga games and classic yoga poses, Jocasta is a warm and creative teacher who gives individual attention to each child in the class.

Level 2, Yoga for 6 – 11s 

Tuesdays, 5 til 5.45pm

This group learn enjoyable, flowing yoga sequences, sometimes energetic, sometimes calming and all sessions end with relaxation.

Classes are limited to 12 children and booking in advance is required.

Dates now available for January – Full details here

Course Start Dates

Courses running at Yogawest Autumn 2018

The following specialist classes run as courses and as numbers are limited, must be pre-booked to secure your place. Click on the links below to read more and to book your place, or call us on 0117 924 3330.

Drop-in may be possible for some courses once they are confirmed as running (check with us), but please note that Yogacards are not valid for courses, and a drop-in fee is charged.

Beginners 11.15; course 12/11– 10/12
Gentle 2pm; course 5/11 – 17/12
Teenagers 4.15pm; course 5/11 – 10/12
Young Adults 5.10pm; course 5/11 – 10/12

Gentle 11.15am; course 6/11 – 18/12
Pregnancy 1.45pm; course 6/11 – 18/12
Baby Massage 1.45pm; Next course in Jan 2019
Children’s yoga  4.15pm; course 6/11 – 11/12
Children’s yoga  5pm; course 6/11 – 11/12
Foundation 6pm; 5-week course starts 6/11

Foundation 8pm; 5-week course starts 14/11

Teenagers 4.15pm; course 8/11 – 13/12
Teenagers 5.10pm; course 8/11 – 13/12

Foundation 2.30pm; 5-week course starts 24/11

Beginners 9.45: course 11/11 – 16/12


Family Class Dec 4

Family Class

familyyoga(jul13-07)We love teaching multi-generational classes, and children enjoy sharing activities with their parents. This is a 45-minute class for the whole family, a chance to stretch, experiment and have some fun.


Dates for January and beyond now available

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Courses starting in Oct/Nov 2016

New Course Dates w/c Oct 31st

Courses at Yogawest after half term: book your place now

All our termtime courses re-start after half term: we usually need a minimum of 6 places booked to secure a course, so appreciate your early booking, and of course it’s very helpful to tell your friends too!

Pregnancy, 12.30pm, starts Oct 31
Postnatal, 13.45pm, starts Oct 31
Gentle, 2pm, starts Oct 31
Teenagers, 4.30pm, starts Oct 31
Young Adults, 5.30pm, starts Oct 31

Baby Massage, 10.30am, starts Nov 8
Children’s yoga, 4pm and 4.45pm, starts Nov 1
Foundation, 6pm, starts Nov 8

Parent/teenager, 16.45

Teenagers, 4.30pm, starts Nov 3
Foundation, 8pm, starts Nov 3

Book your place via the weblinks above

Email us, or Call 0117 924 3330 or visit us at Yogawest, Denmark Place, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8NW.

Parent/teenager yoga

Come to yoga with your Mum or Your Son!

SONY DSCWe think multi-generational yoga is a great way of sharing some time together and can be of tremendous benefit to all. Many people have asked us about classes suitable for parents/guardians and their children to attend together.

Of course Yogawest runs specialist child and teenager classes which your child may want to come to. If the times don’t suit, or they want to do an extra class, or just come with a parent, then that’s also possible.

Be aware that adult classes are aimed at adults, teenagers (12+) can come and try an adult class, but may find it too long (or too slow!). So, we suggest you come and along and try a class and see how it works.

The classes we’d recommend as being particularly suitable are:

Thursday 5–6.30pm with Sam (general class)

Saturday 9.30–11am with Annemarie (beginners class)

Monday 6.45–8.15pm with Frances (general class)

Teenagers who are already attending the teenager/young adults class can come on their own with permission from the teacher, but on the whole, those under 16 should be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

If you have any questions, please ask


Teenage boys class

Boys need Yoga!

SONY DSCWe’d love to set up a class suitable for teenage boys. Our popular teenager class is very girl-dominant and we think more boys may come if there is a class with more boys in it.

Teenagers tend to get very stiff in their joints and muscles and due to various lifestyle habits (sport, gaming and of course school-stress), can find it difficult to undo tension and body stress. Regular yoga practice can help to teach and encourage greater body awareness, flexibility and focus.

Many sporting celebrities (Ryan Giggs for example) have used Iyengar yoga to support their career in Rugby, Football and Cricket to name but 3 sports.

This class is likely to run on a Friday at 4.30 and be taught by Diana. We expect to promote it to secondary school age boys, but allow girls to attend so long as they don’t outnumber the boys!

SONY DSCWe will need a group of 5 or 6 to get it off the ground, so if you can get a few boys together, great!

It would be good to start this after Easter 2016…

What do you think? Let Jon know if you are interested.


Childrens’ Christmas parties

Key Stage 1 and 2

Many thanks to Alex for supporting the younger children this term to produce their end of term yoga events. The littlies performed a yoga version of the Twelve Days of Christmas and the older ones devised and performed a Christmas yoga story.

SONY DSCyogawest9537-kidspanto2015














Teenagers Party

SONY DSCThe teenagers also had an end of term yoga party and this year were challenged to model or draw a number of yoga poses. The tricky bit was getting the Play Dough to stay upright!




Courses Starting in January 2016

  Date and times Duration Starts
Gentle Monday 2 – 3pm 5 weeks Jan 4th
Teens Monday 4.30 – 5.30pm 5 weeks Jan 4th
Young Adults Monday 5.30 – 6.30pm 5 weeks Jan 4th
Baby Massage Tuesday 12.30 – 1.30pm 6 weeks Feb 16th
Children’s KS1 Tuesday 4 – 4.45pm 5 weeks Jan 5th
Children’s KS2 Tuesday 4.45 – 5.30pm 5 weeks Jan 5th
Foundation Class Tuesday 6 – 7pm 5 weeks Jan 5th
Foundation Class Thursday 8 – 9pm 5 weeks Jan 7th


All these Course need to be booked in advance, details and booking forms are available on the website or from reception. See, Email Call 0117 924 3330 or visit us at Yogawest, Denmark Place, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8NW.