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New Yoga Year, Clean Equipment!

Many thanks to the whole Yogawest reception team for the amazing washing and cleaning exercise over the summer. Nicola, Andy, Jon and Meg have been busily deep cleaning the studios and changing rooms, washing the mats and blankets (they take a LOT of re-folding!), cleaning the belts and blocks and generally preparing the building for Autumn classes.

We say goodbye and thank you to Meg who is off to see the world: good luck in your travels!

Upcycled yoga mats by Katcha Bilek

Now in the Yogawest Shop!

SONY DSCHave you seen the amazing new range of phone and tablet covers made from old Yogawest mats by the brilliant Katcha Bilek, just down the road in Stokes Croft?

Katcha was quick off the mark when we replaced our Studio 1 mats recently and had a great idea as to how to re-use them… and now they are here!

katcha1Diana popped in to Katcha’s studio recently to see the prototypes and order the first set. Let us know what you think, or if you’ve got a suggestion for what Katcha should make next.




Milochie in the Yogawest Shop

Milochie Logo websiteWe are delighted to announce the arrival of beautiful and eco-friendly Milochie products, arriving into the Yogawest shop on Sunday November 29th.

The Milochie Story

SAMSUNG CSCMilochie’s story began with designer and founder Angela Kohn whose passion for patterns, nature and wellbeing unified to create a platform where these passions evolved into products. It became ever more apparent to Angela that it was a challenge to discover beautiful, fun and stylish yet functional yoga equipment that was eco-conscious and fair-trade. Working closely with yoga teachers and students, the journey to create beautiful yet functional equipment began.

With Milochie you are not simply buying a stylish alternative, but also high quality products that are made of natural materials and created by craftsmen working in a fair-trade environment where both sides share the benefit. Milochie products are created with exciting patterns, botanically inspired, that focus on mirroring the union of yoga with nature and it is therefore our top priority to ensure the wellbeing of our craftsmen and the materials used in our products.

The Milochie Range

SONY DSCCome and see the beautiful Milochie mats, equipment bags, belts, Pune shorts and bolster covers we’ve got in stock.



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New Mats Please!

yogawest-newgreenmatsAfter much research, we have bought a lovely set of new forest green sticky mats for Studio 1.

These are the best mats for yoga on a wooden floor and provide a firm base on which to anchor our poses.

They do need some wearing in as they have a coating on them when they are new, so we ask that you do as many dog poses as you can for the next couple of weeks to bring them to their optimum performance!

You will also note they are thinner than the orange mats: this is better (no really!): you have more contact with the ground, which is better for balancing poses and for understanding how to work the base of poses better. There are plenty of mats, so if you do need cushioning for some asanas, you can always double them up.