pranayamaimageEdgar Stringer teaches a regular pranayama class at Yogawest on a Friday morning. Suitable for all levels, if you are new to the practice, please let Edgar know when you come. Classes are approximately monthly, scheduled well in advance and listed here and on the online timetable.


8.30–9.30am (please arrive at 8.15 ready to start promptly).


Upcoming Dates
28 Dec
25 Jan
1 Mar
5 Apr
10 May
7 Jun
5 Jul
2 Aug

£12, or a stamp on your Yogacard, or £8 if you are coming to the 10am class.


What is Pranayama?

B.K.S. Iyengar says, “Pranayama is a conscious prolongation of inhalation, retention and exhalation.”
Prana is often described as the energy of the universe. This energy is the creator, sustainer, and destroyer, and because it permeates everything in the universe it is considered the breath of life. In a pranayama class you learn to access prana, and increase its flow in the body, through various breathing practices.

Pranayama practices manipulate the breath in various ways: extending or shortening the lengths of inhalation and exhalation, suspending the breath, or breathing in other crafted ways. The effects of these practices on the body and mind can be profound, shifting the mood and energy in the body noticeably.