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Yoga has Healing Powers

Yoga for health

healthWe all know that yoga is good for mental, physical and spiritual nourishment. On the Yogawest website there are a number of articles on the health benefits of a regular yoga practice.  Here are links to articles on the benefits of yoga for back pain, neck pain and depression. Share these with anyone you think would benefit from this information.

The Perfume Lab

DSC05350 We have been developing our own range of Yogawest scents, including bath oils, room sprays and oil burner fragrances. Our ‘Relax’ and ‘Energise’ studio oil burner fragrances, which we know you love, will be available to buy as part of this range.


Christmas Gift Ideas

We are offering Yogacards as Christmas presents this year. If you buy a Yogacard -6 for someone who has never been to Yogawest before as a Christmas present we will give you a 10% discount off the price of the card.

And we have some extra stocking fillers in the Yogawest shop, such as scented candles and hanging decorations. Full details in the next newsletter and keep an eye out in the shop.


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In-house Sports Masseur

Rupert-sportsmasseur5180Did you know we have an in-house sports masseur in the therapy room at Yogawest? Rupert is usually here on Thursdays or by appointment at other times. Why not treat yourself to a session?

Contact Rupert on 07801 278161 to book a session.

Iyengar Yoga shown effective for treating chronic neck pain

A study organised by the American Pain Society in 2012 concluded that Yoga led to superior pain relief and functional improvements and might be a useful treatment option for chronic neck pain.

The randomised controlled trial on the clinical effects of a 9-week Iyengar yoga programme in patients with chronic neck pain showed that Yoga provides additional benefits of improved psychological well being and quality of life.

According to published estimates, some 20 percent of the population suffers from chronic neck pain caused by a variety of structural dysfunctions in the neck, resulting in impaired quality of life and lost work time. A German study published in The Journal of Pain showed that yoga appears to be an effective treatment for neck pain and provides added benefits of improved psychological well being and quality of life. The Journal of Pain is the peer-review publication of the American Pain Society,

The mainstay of conservative treatment for neck pain is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, and the evidence of its effectiveness is contradictory while side effects, such as nausea and dizziness, are well known. The authors noted that one type of yoga, called lyengar yoga, has been shown effective in other pain syndromes, including low back pain. This activity uses supportive props and the sequences of postures can be tailored to address an individual’s medical problem.

Researchers at Charite-University Medical Center in Berlin and other sites in Germany and Austria studied 77 volunteer patients. Thirty-eight were assigned to the yoga group and 39 to a group treated with exercise. Unfortunately, the dropout rate was higher than anticipated as 24 subjects withdrew or were lost to follow-up. This reduced the study sample to 25 patients in the yoga group and 28 in self-care exercise. They were asked to complete a standardized questionnaire at the outset of the study, after four weeks, and after ten weeks.

The findings showed there was a significant and clinically important reduction in pain intensity in the yoga group. The authors reasoned that yoga might enhance both the toning of muscles and releasing of muscle tension. Relaxation responses, therefore, could reduce stress related muscle tension and modify neurobiological pain perception. They concluded, based on the study data, that lyengar yoga can be a safe and effective treatment option for chronic neck pain. The study results are consistent with the demonstrated benefits of yoga for treating low back pain.

Massage at Yogawest

Rupert Penny is an experienced Massage Therapist and Sports Masseur and a regular student at Yogawest (his favourite class is Bob’s!).

He holds regular clinics in the therapy room at Yogawest.

Contact him on 07801 278161 to book a session.