Jess Wallwork

Jess’s fascination with Iyengar Yoga began when she was a child. She remembers endlessly studying the photographs in Light on Yoga. When she was nineteen she joined the Iyengar Yoga Society at Edinburgh University and began attending regular Iyengar Yoga classes. The classes transformed her. They helped keep her back strong and gave her direction for her energy. She loved the focus on precision and alignment in the postures and valued the feeling of well-being after class.

In London, Jess trained with Ros Bell and passed her Introductory Level 2
Assessment in October 2005. Her two children have helped her with her practice. Jess says it is wonderful to see them interpreting the shapes of the postures. Outside of yoga practice, Jess enjoys time on her allotment, playing piano and doing wall paintings.

Jess says: “Yoga helps me live my life in the present. I love helping other people explore the experience of Yoga.”

Jess teaches termtime classes and courses at Yogawest on
Mondays: 2>3pm (Gentle),
Tuesdays: 7>8am (Early morning), 9.15>10.30 (Beginners), 11.15>12.15 (Gentle), 13.45>14.45 (Pregnancy)
Thursdays: 11>12.15 (Beginners)